We are:
Pad Printing Services Inc.
12051 31st Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125

We want repeat and happy customers, so for issues with any of our services contact us at 206-362-4544 Seattle WA; or email at:  office@padprintingservices.com.

We do not charge for creating art, cliches, fixtures or tooling for contract pad printing; or for artwork, film and screens for screen printing, or for fixtures and art for digital printing. Those are our property, you don’t get to take them with you when you leave for Mexico. Our Setup Charge covers the labor to set the machine up and for cleanup after printing; there is a setup charge for every order.

Our liability is limited to the value of our printing and/or of OUR product that we sold to you. Exception: long time industrial customers, if we screw up, we will make it up to you. When did that last happen???

If you find an error you must notify us within three days of receipt of your order from the date and time of your signing for the UPS delivery. 

Once we’ve received your approval of the digital proof or first article print it takes us about 1-2 weeks to complete and then we like to store overnight for ink cure before shipping.

We do not store any customer credit card information. We do not sell or share our customer lists. We offer to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with any customer.

We are not responsible for inadvertent pricing or product information errors.
We reserve the right to refuse service.

We’re not liable for any mistakes on our website.

We collect Washington State destination sales tax.

If you have any question, certainly contact us.

Thank you for your business!