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Since 1991, serving the industrial, manufacturer, USA customer.

Pad Printing Services Inc.
12051 31st Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125

In about 1990, an engineer from Todd Shipyards in Seattle, WA walked into our sign making studio (at the time) and asked if we could print on the round knob handle of a throttle for a boat they were building.

I realized at that moment that I had no idea how shaped objects such as golf balls, housings and handles were printed. Before the internet we had the Thomas Register List of Manufacturers at the local library. There, I discovered the pad transfer printing process and purchased my first hand operated, open inkwell, one color pad printing machine from Service Tectonics, Inc.

We gradually began printing for local plastic injection molders who did not have their own pad printing department. I enjoy working with engineers who know the plastics and their products. We’re still printing some of the same housings and switch covers and knobs from the same customers for over 20 years now.

As the printing machines became more electronic and offering enclosed ink cups, such as the TOSH printers from Innovative Marking Systems, some manufacturers have taken much of their pad printing in house, and to meet ISO requirements. In fact, we’ve sold several printers to them and trained┬átheir operators. We also print under the umbrella of customer ISO requirements.

In 2022 we purchased Roland UV ink digital printers which offer full color image printing. See our Digital Printing page for that information.

As for other interests, view my ArtGLC.com website.

Gordon Christensen, Owner.