Request Printing Quotation

We are accepting only large orders of over 5000 identical prints per
order, repeating monthly. We are not accepting one time orders.
For us to train and keep an employee you need to be placing the same
5000+ piece order with us every month. Sadly, smaller orders are not
cost effective at this time in the USA. We’re happy to discuss your project,
we have quite a bit of experience that may be helpful to you.

Request for a Pad Transfer Printing Quote on Plastics
(we do not print on metal or painted metal)

That you send us three samples that will not be returned (we need to
test ink and fixturing).

That you email us a vectored art file in a pdf  (no ai, eps, jpg, bitmap or
otherwise). A “pdf” is only a brown paper envelope, so to speak.  It is
what is in the pdf that is important, and the contents must be vectored
art.  Don’t send a jpg saved in a pdf as we can’t use it.  Vectored art is
simply lines and curves with intersection points. Vector the fonts also
(create outlines in the Illustrator program).

That you include in your email a CAD drawing or similar showing print
size and location, Pantone (PMS) ink color number, etc.

That you give us a description of the packaging (unpack and repack
can take as long as the printing.)  Include this packaging description in
the email accompanying your artwork.

    Send sample parts to be test printed to:
    Pad Printing Services Inc.
    12051 31st Ave NE
    Seattle, WA 98125

We have a $400. minimum order requirement (combination of setup + print charge).

Be sure to read the “Considerations to Print Pricing” at the bottom of this page. 

These are 2024 ball park pad printing prices and they do not include unpack and repack labor. Send us your requirements and we’ll test print and determine print pricint.

Plastics ABS, PVC, PC, one print location, single hits of ink on a white or light colored surface, no texture or gloss but rather a non glare surface; image up to 2″ diameter on part 1″x 3″x 3″ using our standard solvent based inks. No promotional product printing or printing on completely assembled
electronic products.

One Color print
Setup $95. 
Print cost for up to 500 units $.45 each

Two Color print
Setup $145. 
Print cost for up to 500 units $.55 each

Three Color print
Setup $175. 
Print cost for up to 500 units $.75 each

Four Color print
Setup $225. 
Print cost for up to 500 units $.95 each 

A “single hit of ink” refers to a dark ink color on a light plastic color, for example, black ink on a non textured yet nonglare white plastic. The converse, such as white ink on a black surface usually requires two hits of ink, and we would have to do some print samples to determine cost.

Printing Polypropylene and Nylon plastics requires raising the surface tension of the plastic so that the ink will adhere. For this we pretreat the print area with Corona Plasma. This adds to the cost of printing. Corona may leave wet marks on some brands of polypropylene. Send us samples for testing. 

Silicone rubber screen printing on Platinum Cured silicone made products, send us your requirements for us to bid the printing. Flat surfaces only such as baking mats, etc.

Silicone inks must be oven baked for cure, so no connected plastics or electronics

We cannot match Pantone colors with silicone inks. Our approximate
Pantone matches are: 
PMS 186 Red 
PMS 355 Green 
PMS 286 Blue 
PMS Yellow 
PMS 872 Metallic Gold
Black and White 

We can lighten or darken the above silicone inks and intermix these colors to produce other shades.