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A collection of 50 poems of life and fiction in downloadable ebook format (pdf).

ISBN 979-8-9893448-2-6


About Me and You  05-1991                                   15
Sunday leads to Monday ’round the world
roses win the hearts of young and old
certain things you count on every season
like the love that keeps us warm when it is cold

All That I’ve Missed  11-24-2008                            17
He twisted in air
then fell to the floor
I wasted a shot
a hole in the chair

Couldn’t prove a thing
didn’t have the clout
I took some chances
my demise, no doubt

Architecture Design Award  07-09-2023               19
Put down this poem, walk out your door
You’ve just ruined it and you want more yet
get on social media and spew your nonsense
or tear down your mansion and put up a swing set.

Art Speak  07-08-2023                                             23
Painting the sacred
regardless of sales
art is the cure
for all that ails.


Table of Contents
5          A Day In June
9          A Man’s Got to Know
11        A Paintings Worth
15        About Me and You
17        All That I’ve Missed
19        Architecture Design Award
23        Art Speak
27        Babylon Falls
29        Can’t See the Truth
31        Carpenter Man
33        Clean Between Your Ears
37        Don’t Lock Up Your Hope
39        Dusty
43        End Date
45        Fail Safe
47        Faith and Light
51        False Prophet
55        Fence of Love
59        Free At Last
63        From Shadow I’ll Return
65        Growing Clover
67        Holy Singularity
71        I Can See Everything Babe
73        I Sing Your Song
75        Let’s Begin
77        Moving Faster to Disaster
81        No Need to Out Now
85        No One Should Perish
89        On the Radio
93        One Plus One is Three
95        Poetry On the Run
99        Riding High
103     Seven Trumpets
109     Skinny Thoughts Fat Moments
115     Stop to Think
117     Thanks and Repentance
123     The Friend
127     The Natural World
131     The Whole of Human Knowledge is a Cult
135     The Wire
139     Three Point Four Billion
145     Truth on the E String
151     Two Steps at a Time
155     Use the Key
159     When I Go I’ll Be in Leather
163     Why Can’t I Love
165     Will You Serve This Child?
167     Lerned Leaver the Sheep
171     Lerned Leaver the Apostle
177     Lerned Leaver Redeemed
183     Notes


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