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T Shirts custom printed  in our Seattle shop.                                         (click here for Hats/Caps)

We will provide a virtual proof with price for every order.

T Shirts Custom Printed onto Gildan 100% Ultra Cotton

There are some shirt color limitations when printing
with waterbased inks, see below.
Click here for shirt sizing guidelines.

Our Gildan brand T Shirts shown below are supplied by Sanmar.
Here is a link to the Gildan Ultra Cotton T shirt on Sanmar's website.
There are many more shirt colors on Sanmar's website, let us know if you have a preference.
Also, we can print women's neck line shirts, let us know your preference.

Note the "Not for Waterbased ink" comments below.

White Black Natural 
(Not for Waterbased ink)
Serene Green Antique Irish Green
(Not for Waterbased ink)
(Not for Waterbased ink)
(Waterbased ink may tint a bit)
Galapagos Blue
Royal Blue
(Not for Waterbased ink)
Dark Chocolate Charcoal