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  On this page find pricing for Banners and Trade Show Rollup Display Signs.
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Banner Pricing includes setup if you have 300 dpi art at full print size, or a vector graphic. 
If not, we can design, let us know what you want and we will provide bid for design.

Banner Materials Printed with our Roland eco-solvent indoor/outdoor
CMYK printer:

13oz reinforced vinyl banner, great for outdoor use, not generally  
        used for indoor as it is a bit overkill for that. With hem and grommets.
        See pricing to the right...

10oz mesh banner, used for outdoor windy areas. We've used  this
        material for banners that were attached to the flashing of a roof
        using simply magnets. The mesh openings are small enough
        that there is only about a 10% loss of print vibrance and from
        the street the customer cannot tell the difference, yet the mesh
        allows the wind to pass through with just a very slight fluff of
        banner. Best for use against a flat wall that is painted one
        solid color so that no sunlight is showing through the banner.
        With hem and grommets. 

See pricing to the right...

9mil Polyester Film for Trade Show Display Stands,
       highly scratch resistant satin print surface, light blocking antistatic.
       Used primarily for the banner stands shown below. Grommets in
       corners of the banner are used to attached it to the banner stand.

See pricing to the right...

Printed Polyester film for Trade Show stand shown above:
$79. for a 33" x 78"

A 9mil polyester film that won't curl on the edges. Light blocking, blocks out whatever is behind it.

Retractable banner stand price:  
$69. The banner rolls into the base of stand. Includes a carrying bag.
  Printed Polyester film for Trade Show stand shown above:

$69. for a 29" x 63"
$79. for a 31" x 70"

A 9mil polyester film that won't curl on the edges. Light blocking, blocks out
whatever is behind it.

Collapsible banner stand price:
$59. With simple open ended carrying bag.

Notes on bitmaps:
Bitmaps such as jpg files lose quality when they are enlarged.
Design your bitmap art full size and at 300dpi. In other words if you
want your banner printed at 3'x6', then your design should be at 3'x6'.

Vector files, where the fonts have been converted to outlines,
can be enlarged without losing resolution or font style. Such
are svg's (scalable vector files).

Email us your Illustrator and CorelDraw files as PDFs.
Don't send us an Illustrator or CorelDraw file.

Create outlines (vectorize) of all the fonts so that we receive
vectors, and not fonts. There are too many look alike fonts
and we certainly don't have them all stored on our system.

Note on outdoor fading:
All digital prints will fade outdoors regardless of who prints your sign
and with what process. Properly installed through every grommet
(not roped up at only the corners) a banner will get your message out
for up to a year. Blues and reds in direct sun will show slight fading
in nine months. But in a year's time you'll be changing your message
and needing a new banner to stay fresh and relevant in today's market.

13oz outdoor and
10oz Mesh Banners
Size in feet. Custom sizes available.
2 x 4 $69.
2 x 6 79.
2 x 8 89.
2 x 10 89.
2 x 12 99.
2 x 15   119.
3 x 5  69.
3 x 6   79.
3 x 8   89.
3 x 10   89.
3 x 12   99.
3 x 15   129.
3 x 20   169.
4 x 6  69.
4 x 8   79.
4 x 10   119.
4 x 15   189.
4 x 20   235.
4 x 25   275.
9mil Polyester film for Trade Show Display Stands
Size in feet
3 x 5 $79.
3 x 6 $95.
3 x 8 $109.
3 x 10 $139.