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Meds Containers Custom Printing

Due to all the variables in container size, color, and custom prints, it is easier just
to give us a call or email us with your questions or when ready to order. Look
through the container options shown below and give us a call with your requests.

In addition to the bulk and custom print options below, you can purchase low quantity  
containers at our Online Store (click here).
Scroll down for jar photos
Our Meds Containers are pharmaceutical-grade Polypropylene plastic which is FDA approved for food and laboratory use and is 100% recyclable. We feature the "CoolJarz" Sealz brand of jar which is designed to seal tight and maintain a consistent level of humidity for extended storage. The colored jars are UV blocking.
100% USA made.

The lip near the top of the Cool Jarz which the cap seals against prevents us from full perimeter cylindrical screen printing. We use the pad transfer print method instead, which is limited to how far the rubber pad will squish around the curve of the jar until the pad starts to slip and smear the ink. See the individual container pages for print sizing.

We Corona Plasma pre treat the polypropylene to raise the surface tension so that it will accept the ink.
This process is required for dishwasher safe printing.

Art for custom printing these jars and test tubes needs to be a vector file, not a bitmap. Please see our  our  Artwork FAQ page. If you're not sure, email us what you have or would like and we'll do up a mock up for you. Bitmaps such as a jpg downloaded from the internet will not work for printing. Sometimes we can vectorize a bitmap to make it suitable for printing, and if so there is generally a charge for that.

For the sample prints shown below we've chosen ink colors that contrast with the container color but are not so bright that they attract a lot of attention. Let us know what ink color you'd like and we'll email a proof to you.

Click on a container below for more container colors, print areas and for pricing.

30 Dram Volume.
This container will hold
6 grams of med mj
without having to mash it.
part # 5314 THDS
Available in Five colors.
26 Dram Volume
part # 5310 THDS
Available in Five colors.
19 Dram Volume.
This container will hold
4 grams of med mj
without having to mash it.
part # 4314 THDS
Available in Five colors.
15 Dram Volume
part # 4310 THDS
Available in Five colors.
13 Dram Volume
part # 3814 THDS
Available in Five colors.
9 Dram Volume
part # 4304 THDS
Available in Five colors.
part # TUBEZ
Available in Six colors.
Available in One color.