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In about 1990, an engineer from Todd Shipyards in Seattle, WA walked into our sign making studio and asked if we could print on the round knob handle of a throttle for a boat they were building.

I realized at that moment that I had no idea how shaped objects such as golf balls, housings and handles were printed. Before the internet we had the Thomas Register List of Manufacturers at the local library. There, I discovered the pad transfer printing process and purchased my first hand operated, open inkwell, one color pad printing machine from Service Tectonics, Inc.

I gradually began printing for local plastic injection molders who did not have their own pad printing department. I enjoy working with engineers who know the plastics and their products. We're still printing some of the same housings and switch covers and knobs from the same customers for over 20 years now.

As the printing machines became more electronic and offering enclosed ink cups, such as the TOSH printers from Innovative Marking Systems, manufacturers have taken much of their pad printing in house, and to meet ISO requirements. In fact, I've sold several printers to them and trained their operators.

The writing was on the wall, and with much pad printing being taken back in house and manufacturing being shifted to cheaper overseas operators I realized I had to branch out.

Many promotional products are printed in our facility, many are purchased printed from the manufacturer as some products are better printed before final assembly. Either way, we offer you service and product to help you grow your business.

Our large format digital printing serves retail, public relations firms, festival organizers with signs, posters, decals, plus museum quality giclee printing.

We've added a shopping cart to our website and will be stocking it with glass art, oil paintings and photo prints, for office decor, hospitality and personal collection.

We cnc machine dimensional lettering and signs and spray stencils.

We fire ceramic decals onto mugs and tiles in our glass kiln.

Please feel free to call me with your questions.
Thank you for your visit!


Gordon Christensen